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CBSC: Superjail! Maybe, Probably Should Have Been Rated 18+

The WardenLast year, G4TechTV Canada made the delightful inclusion of Adult Swim’s hypnotically violent series, Superjail!, to their line-up. Despite the fact that the series may very well be the most excessively violent animated program to ever run on North American commercial television, G4 mistakenly ran the entire series with a “PG” rating.

Just for kicks, blogger doconnor decided to submit a complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council using their online form. Last month he showed us the results.

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Interview with ReBoot Co-creator Gavin Blair

Being the first ever computer animated television series, ReBoot is often reflected upon for its technical influence on modern television animation. Given how outrageously generic CGI methods have made modern cartoons, this is a somewhat flawed way of looking at things. Instead, ReBoot can still be marvelled at for its sophisticated writing, which has rarely been matched to this day.

Back at Anime Evolution 2009, I was fortunate enough to grab an interview with the co-creator of ReBoot and one of the masterminds behind what we once knew as Mainframe Entertainment: Gavin Blair. For those who missed it on the old site, here it is again.

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CanCon hip-hop sensation K’Naan’s highly publicized appearance at Simon Fraser University’s Peace Day celebration left many ticket buyers in regret when CanCon hip-hop sensation K’Naan failed to appear.

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Netflix Launches in Canada

NetFlixNetflix, an online streaming service for movies and television shows which is often touted as being more convenient than piracy, has finally launched in Canada. It can be accessed by anyone with the exception of those who made the unfortunate choice of purchasing an Xbox360.

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The Happenings With Sun TV News

UNNQuebecor’s plan to obfuscate their inability to operate a single English language local television station in Ontario by converting the failed Sun TV into a 24-hour right-wing news network has met with harsh resistance across Canada. As upsetting as the idea of Canadian news taking yet another step toward the event horizon of absolute sensationalism may be, there tends to be significant misunderstanding of what, exactly, is being opposed.

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A Quick Note On Cybersix

Cybersix vol. 2Now that the “” domain name is pointing directly to this site, it has come to my attention that a good amount of the old site’s traffic came from people looking for the scanlations of the Cybersix comic I had posted. Unfortunately, the files are not currently online. However a new group is currently working on an English translation of the series and will have them posted shortly. Please keep your eyes on this site for updates.

Keanu Reeves: Live Action Cowboy Bebop Will Cost “like, half a billion dollars”

Keanu as SpikeKeanu Reeves, frequent beneficiary of generous sympathy from Reddit, has revealed new details about the hotly anticipated live action Cowboy Bebop film for which he is attached to star.

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Commemorating the Second Impact

Second ImpactTen years ago yesterday, the Second Impact made its shocking occurrence in Antarctica, forever altering the political, social, and climate conditions of planet earth by obliterating one half of its population.

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Ocean Studios to Produce Alternate Dub for Dragon Ball Kai

Blue Mr. Pop WTF?In a recent podcast interview, Kirby Morrow has confirmed rumours that Vancouver-based Ocean Studios will be producing yet another alternate dub to the latest incarnation of Dragon Ball Z, crushing the dreams of those hoping for succinctness in the series’ English language distribution.

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Endless Waltz Has Endless Walts

Nazi Boy ScoutsTen years ago today, the Gundam Wing movie Endless Waltz made its shocking debut on YTV, forever altering fan expectations for anime exhibition on the station.

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