Be Careful What You Wish For – “The Room” Video Game Becomes a Reality

Let's go eat, haugh

The idea of a video game based off of The Room was so fantastic that it apparently materialized into existence just this weekThe Room Tribute was designed by none other that Tom Fulp, the lead programmer for Castle Crashers and founder of Newgrounds. It indeed surpasses all expectations and proves a triumph of fair use. You can do anything you want, like play football.

The game not only provides a hauntingly uncanny replication of the quirks and follies of The Room, but also unintentionally delivers a product that is far more plausibly dramatic than its source material. By addressing multiple continuity errors, establishing a firm (and surprisingly logical) timeline to the events, and invoking a sense of dramatic irony by restricting activities to Johnny’s perspective, this Flash game is as close to engaging as this story can ever hope to be.

Players are advised to be on the lookout for the many, many easter eggs this game delivers. In particular, leaving the apartment and wandering around town when Johnny is in full rampage mode will bring about many pleasant surprises.


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