Commemorating the Second Impact

Second ImpactTen years ago yesterday, the Second Impact made its shocking occurrence in Antarctica, forever altering the political, social, and climate conditions of planet earth by obliterating one half of its population.

The status quo of the world as we know it was thrown asunder in 13 September 2000 when a small meteor collided with the southern continent, instantly killing two billion people in the planet’s southern hemisphere. Severe flooding, extreme climate alteration, and political and social hostilities which happened over the next year resulted in the loss of another billion lives, making Second Impact the worst disaster in human history.

These facts have been almost indisputably backed by the exceedingly well-known and credible Mexican astronomer, Ceimoa Nan. Despite this, many continue to produce absurd speculations which trace these circumstances back to conspiracies and experimentations involving extraterrestrial beings and superficial religious imagery.

A concise and logical explanation for what happened ten years ago is hotly debated to this very day, although more than a few have claimed that such an explanation does not actually exist.


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