A Quick Note On Cybersix

Cybersix vol. 2Now that the “zannen.ca” domain name is pointing directly to this site, it has come to my attention that a good amount of the old site’s traffic came from people looking for the scanlations of the Cybersix comic I had posted. Unfortunately, the files are not currently online. However a new group is currently working on an English translation of the series and will have them posted shortly. Please keep your eyes on this site for updates.


5 responses to “A Quick Note On Cybersix

  1. That’s good to know. I was disappointed when you abandoned your side project after only seven chapters. Especially when you said you went to all the trouble of tracking down and buying those elusive French volumes. I’ve made the claim that if Manga scanlators devoted even 1% of their energies towards translating BDs, we could have a potential boom for demand in the European comics field.

    Of course, after I spread this after the impending demise of OneManga, I was called out for the possible chutzpah of trying to support illeagal scans even as Manga companies were cracking down on them. Maybe so, but if people haven’t had prior experience with comics they’re familiar with, they might not want to experiment with new and experimentive forms of entertainment. Just look at how many S-hero fans were reluctant to try out Manga, and vice-versa. You have to snatch their interests early, or they won’t be interested later on.

    Could you imagine the amount of hoopoola if someone translated large swaths of Gaston Lagaffe instead of the piddling few examples we’ve seen?

    I was hoping to be able to contact either Parusmajor, Houbanaut or NezChan about the possibility of them further translating any of the BD samples they’ve posted on ScansDaily, but since I don’t have a Dreamwidth account, I had no way of doing so. I also thought that any of them would be perfectly suited as a translator for the remainder of Cybersix.

    I look forward to seeing more adventures of the NSFW cross-dressing teacher again. It’s been so long I may have to dig out my old downloads to refresh my memories of what happened last time.

  2. soooo…. Any updates?

    • Just hit me, I’ve actualy been checking back to this page every few days since you posted this, It’s become such a habit I don’t realy even think about it any more, I wonder if I’ll keep checking here even after you confirm this is cancled… Well time to learn French!

  3. whereitsat

    @HagelK : Even if you did take the time and effort and somehow ending up learning the language in a remarkable time and managed to get a hold of the comic in raw scans , the fan in you would still crave a official printed copy (heck I haven’t read all of cybersix yet if a printed copy was available I’d get them all regardless of what language). What I’m trying to say is there is a clear one-sidedness when it comes to comic releases in english with Manga and American comics dominating the market and the money bank. Once can only hope for a less biased future but one can hope for alot of things.

  4. I’m a bit confused here… are any of the translated Cybersix comics on this site? Read the caption at the top (dated 2010), saying a group is working on more, however now in 2013 there’s still nothing? or am I missing something?