CanCon hip-hop sensation K’Naan’s highly publicized appearance at Simon Fraser University’s Peace Day celebration left many ticket buyers in regret when CanCon hip-hop sensation K’Naan failed to appear.

On Tuesday night, opening acts for the expensive outdoor concert event were extended far beyond their intended output as patrons waited anxiously for the CanCon star to appear. Fliers advertising his performance littered the SFU campus for weeks before Tuesday’s event, clouding out publicity for other fantastic events such as the Altered Reality Club‘s Icebreaker party. Unfortunately, despite all of this advertising, the university was only able to sell half of the tickets required to meet K’Naan’s lofty financial demands. According to blogger Sam Reynolds, his rider included “Patron, Belvedere, and specific fabric on couches and matching lamps.”

The head of the Direct Assistance Network, the charitable organization the event was being held for, was then forced to report the news to a very receptive crowd. It appears that the university may have made a considerable error in judgment when assuming that an artist primarily supported by tax credits would be guaranteed to reciprocate the spirit of Peace Day.

Attendees who have no desire to see their money put towards educational resources for oppressed women in Ghana have been offered refunds for their tickets.


2 responses to “K-NON!

  1. Hypocrisy plain and simple on the part of K’Naan because I bet K’Naan is one of those celebs who thinks himself a social activist. (Note: I have never heard of K’Naan until read this blog post, so correct me if I’m wrong:). As for the people who demand their money back, their just dicks. Yes, they got ripped off but they got ripped off for a worthy cause.

    P.S. I was just being grumpy conservative when I commented on the Sun T.V. blog entry, so you don’t have be careful with your snark links, Pep. You shouldn’t change your editorial content because a complaint.:).

  2. LOL, K-On!