Netflix Launches in Canada

NetFlixNetflix, an online streaming service for movies and television shows which is often touted as being more convenient than piracy, has finally launched in Canada. It can be accessed by anyone with the exception of those who made the unfortunate choice of purchasing an Xbox360.

The Netflix service is now being offered to Canadians at $7.99 per month, with an option for a one month free trial. Those who subscribe are given unlimited access to online content that can be streamed to certain models of Blu-ray players, PC and Mac computers, as well as Wii and PlayStation 3 consoles. However, Xbox360 support has not yet been authorized for Canadian usage, much to the chagrin of Halo players and TelusTV subscribers.

Of course, Canada’s cherished telecommunication companies are ensuring that their customers instead opt for their own subpar content streaming services. Certain companies going as far as to lower download limits to hamper legitimate competing services such as Netflix, knowing full well that none of their customers are actually stupid enough to buy into their proprietary offerings.

While the service is highly recommended, do not be at all surprised by its offerings which will seem exceptionally paltry compared to its US counterpart.


2 responses to “Netflix Launches in Canada

  1. I’ve already managed to find a good, solid ammount of good movies to watch. Section 23/Sentai Filmworks has already put up a good amount of anime, such as Ghost Hound and Golgo 13. Funimation’s recent offerings ( also have appeared on the Canadian Netflix as well.

    There’s also, oddly enough, the 1980’s anime version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which I recall watching all the time before school would start. It’s very World Animation Theatre-esque, and I would reccomend it, at least based on the first episode.

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