Sun TV News: “We Won’t Be Hypocrites”

Quebecor has officially withdrawn their request for cable and satellite services to be required to offer their highly publicized proposed service, Sun TV News. It seems likely that the company has finally realized the irony behind a right-wing news network seeking regulatory intervention to ensure its success.

For months, Quebecor has been trying to gain special exemptions for Sun TV News to ensure that all all cable and satellite companies would pay to carry the station and offer it to subscribers. The company claims that they wish to gain special treatment for the right-wing news network to be to gain the footing needed to inject new life into Canadian broadcast journalism. It seems much more likely that they simply want to to establish guaranteed income for the station in order to offset the  $50.3 million deficit left behind by Sun TV, a severely mismanaged local service. The fact that the station was incapable of profitability despite catering the massive markets of Toronto and Hamilton suggests severe mismanagement of the service on the part of Quebecor.

Nonetheless, the company has opted to quiet all of this controversy by carrying the burden of the dept and launching Sun TV News with a standard Category 2 license, which providers have the option to not carry. The wild speculation that the service will operate as a clone of Fox News should logically quiet down now that they’ll be forced to cater to a broader audience rather than the relatively limited viewership that would be able to support such a format. Of course, in reality it is unlikely that this criticism will subside.


4 responses to “Sun TV News: “We Won’t Be Hypocrites”

  1. So, Sun TV will be a little more quieter, they can just tip-toe around the whole fairness doctine thing just like the CBC.

  2. Jimmy Grimaldi

    Well, of coarse they would applied for preferred carriage like CBC News World, CTV News Net, CNN and MSNBC because Sun News Network is a business. When you are running a business, you us any legal advantage to aloud you’re business to succeed. They had to withdraw their request because of CRTC was stone walling which shows us that the CRTC favors left-wing news networks over right-wing networks.

    Sometimes Pep, I think you want SNN to fail, so they would stop criticizing your precious CBC.

    • Sun News was trying to subvert established regulation in order to bail out on their failing OTA channel. If they had succeeded, there was a high risk of other local broadcasters doing the same and flocking to more supposedly lucrative formats. The CRTC was simply upholding their regulations, and I certainly wouldn’t say they’re an organization that favours left-wing networks. I mean, just look at the hard time they gave Al Jazeera.

      A number of other news networks have either launched or obtained licenses without any problem in the last few months, so I don’t see the point over debating Sun News. This is very old news, and there’s no reason to drudge it up at this point.

  3. Jimmy Grimaldi- Emoemen

    I would certainly say so, CTS had to jump thought hoops, CRTC forced cable companies to carry CNN (lefty), MSNBC (lefty) but not Fox News and Sun News which is Canadian.