Tommy Wiseau Inspires New Nightmares In “The House That Drips Blood On Alex”

Ghoulish film visionary Tommy Wiseau has once again found himself on the public radar with his performance in the recently released short film, The House That Drips Blood On Alex. It can be watched in its entirety here. This, along with some surprising announcements in an interview conducted by Little White Lies, shows that Wiseau is far from a cinematic has-been despite a considerable length of inactivity.

Although Wiseau did not direct the Studio8 production, his performance in the lead role of Alex (no surname given) shows him in a more deteriorated state than ever before. Whether this was done intentionally or was the result of a simple lack of makeup is anyone’s guess.

More interesting is the interview which Tommy Wiseau gave in tandem to the short film’s release. In addition to an upcoming theatrical re-release of The Room in 3D, he is also still working on a 600 page novel adaptation, which will apparently address many of the questions raised by what exactly transpired in the film. In regards to upcoming original projects, Wiseau revealed some exciting news about his long-awaited vampire film.

It is about the king of vampires, he is taking over the world but he is a good vampire. He’s not a vampire who’ll be killing people on the contrary he help people to survive, indirectly. He has been living here in the Earth for many, many decades but by accident somebody discover that he has come to life. His challenge is to adapt to human society. The project will be epic meaning that there will not be only one movie but at least twelve films following.

Anyone looking to invest millions of dollars into a notable artistic endeavour is advised to take note of this opportunity.


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