Monthly Archives: November 2010

Lest We Forget Pepero Day

While North Americans will spend November 11 reflecting on the atrocities of war and the lives needlessly sacrificed in its wake, residents of South Korea have a much different tradition: exchanging specific brand named candy.

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Canadian Version Of Jersey Shore A Tragic Reality (EDIT: Sort Of)

UPDATE: Further research has indicated that I have made a critical error. CTV is not directly involved with Lake Shore, they were merely involved with interviewing the producers. A broadcaster has yet to step forward and provide full funding for the series, and as such the following rant is based largely around a hypothetical bogeyman.

Here is a wake-up call for those short-sighted enough to think that Sun TV News symbolized the modern devastation of Canadian television. A recently released “sizzle reel” has revealed that CTV’s long-rumoured knock-off of MTV’s obscenely over-exposed reality series, Jersey Shore, is not a joke.

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Net Neutrality in Canada May Still Require Some Work

With Internet providers recently being given the regulatory go-ahead to charge customers based on how much bandwidth they use, things are beginning to look slightly grimmer for net neutrality being properly implemented in Canada. However, a glimmer of hope still exists in the form of Industry Minister Tony Clement, who may soon have the power to undo this damage. As always, your simple and non-intensive participation is vital.

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