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Tiffany Grant To Reprise Role As Asuka in Evangelion 2.0 Dub

FUNimation confirmed long awaited casting information for the upcoming release of Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance yesterday during its “FUNiCon 5.0” online event. While Trina Nishimura (Lan Fan from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) has been confirmed as the voice of new character Mari Makinami Illustrious, much more attention has been given to the fact that Tiffany Grant will be reprising the role of Asuka. This should come as little surprise to long time fans of the series, given Grant’s baffling obsession with the character, thoroughly documented in this video.

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You’re A Pirate, Santa Claus!

In 2008, during the heat of the controversy surrounding the government’s impending bill to amend the Copyright Act, many struggled to find compelling and appealing ways to explain the issue to the masses. The new bill would protect digital locks from any type of circumvention, meaning Canadians would be trapped within the confines of proprietary use and would effectively lose any right to use footage or samples from existing works for any reason whatsoever.

Most were (and, to a degree, still are) completely indifferent in spite of how intrusive and wide spread its effects would really be. I decided that the best way to approach this was by hi-jacking the otherwise positive and nostalgic feelings that are shared by many for the Christmas holiday season and using them as a vehicle to demonstrate the type of despair that this issue warrants.

While that original bill did not pass, a similar bill is currently wading its way through the Parliamentary process that has most of the same dire problems. The original post with this story went down with the old “Zannen, Canada” site, so here it is again. Merry Christmas!

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A Friendly Reminder That Chat-r Is Evil

Speculation has arisen that Public Mobile, the admirable yet sadly ineffectual Canadian mobile phone upstart, may not be far from seeking a partnership or merger in the face of intense treachery from incumbent cell companies. It is now more important than ever to remind cellphone users that the recent Chat-r brand is, in fact, the purest incarnation of evil.

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Netflix May Offer A Novel New Approach To CanCon: Willing Exhibition

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While there has been considerable apprehension over Shaw’s demand for online streaming services to be regulated by the CRTC, Netflix is already two steps ahead in maintaining their competitive edge. The service has been accused of having an unfair advantage over conventional broadcasters thanks to the CRTC’s long-standing policy of not regulating Internet content. Rather than fight these accusations, Netflix has simply opted to do something that our conventional broadcasters would likely never do in an unregulated environment: willingly add a significant amount of Canadian content to their line-up.

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Young Justice Premiere Garners Unanimous Acclaim

The long awaited premiere of the latest animated series based on the DC Comics universe, Young Justice, has been met with abnormally high approval after the early debut of the series’ one hour pilot. The show has not only been praised for its exceptionally high animation quality and accessibility for non-super hero fans, but has also delivered extraordinary ratings for Cartoon Network in the United States.

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