Monthly Archives: January 2011

Canadians Barred From Long-Awaited Dragonball Streams

Many Canadians were likely upset this past Saturday to find that FUNimation’s online streaming presentation of Dragonball Z was not available to them. When region blocking like this occurs, it is common to assume that the company in question simply doesn’t own the Canadian rights to a given title. FUNimation can’t use that excuse: they already explicitly stated in their initial press release that they own the Canadian streaming rights to the series.

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Two Weeks Left For Canadians To Speak Out On Copyright Bill

The legislative committee for Bill C-32, the not-quite-tyrannical-but-still-potentially-disastrous copyright bill, is giving Canadians until the last day of January to voice their opinions on the matter. And so they should, as despite numerous improvements over its predecessors, the new bill still carries the same fundamental problems as always. More importantly, it doesn’t leave any way for these issues to be re-evaluated, which even American copyright law has allowed.

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