Cybersix is Done

As devastated as a number of you might be to hear this, I will not be continuing the English translation project for the Cybersix comic. It’s hardly a surprise after two years of complete silence on the subject, and it’s a tough announcement to make when the mere possibility of posting more chapters brings in more traffic to this blog than any legitimate interest in the things I actually talk about, but the others previously involved in the project have moved on, and I have to as well.

That is not to say I’ve been doing nothing all this time: not only have I actually gone through and redone all 83 previously translated pages with better quality scans and revised translations, I’ve managed to pound out one more chapter, bringing the translated total to 94 pages. (Just over half of the first volume.)  A link to download these “remastered” pages, along with scans of the entire French-language version of the series is available after the jump.

Please post a comment if you have any issue downloading this file. I’m looking into making a torrent possible, but I’m not sure how that will work out with my horrendous upload speed. These books are long out of print, and I see no issue with posting them up.

My hope is that someone will continue the project where we left off, and as such I have included some translation notes. I originally decided to orchestrate this project mainly because these comics were never made available in English, and I felt that a concerted effort to change that would re-invigorate interest in what is something of a baffling franchise here in North America, hopefully leading to actual publishers releasing it. You know, despite all of the graphic sex, drug use, offensive racial depictions, violence against children, weird cultural references, and bestiality that graces its pages. Not to mention José being a sex addict… it’s too bad we never got to him!

In any case, I’d like to put out a big thanks to Ragebot and Marty (who did the actual hard translation work), Adam (who found me the scans), and everyone else who helped with the project. I’d also like to apologize to Marty, who actually translated another two chapters which I ultimately decided not to use. Sorry about that!

For now, I’m planning to put more focus on projects where I’m actually writing my own material rather than re-writing someone else’s… or in the case of Cybersix, something that’s been translated and re-written by several people before me. I don’t know how much the final text even resembles the Spanish-language original that was published in Argentina 20 years ago, but I hope you enjoy it and that the project can continue on in some form.


6 responses to “Cybersix is Done

  1. Its too bad that it didn’t get finished, but at least you tried. Also I don’t think making a torrent is a great idea, I’m just assuming, but I don’t think there would consistently be enough seeders for it to last very long. A direct dl link would be better in the long run (note: I actually don’t know how sites like dropbox work so I am assuming that as long as you don’t delete the files the link will remain active).

    Also, how did the AR panel go? I wasn’t able to attend and I was hoping someone might have made a video of it, but I haven’t seen anything around so far.

  2. If the file is too big I can upload a folder with JUST the English translations as well, but I can’t promise a time frame for it.

    The panel went quite well. There were only about 20 people, which is understandable since it was extremely short notice, but everyone enjoyed it. It wasn’t recorded, but we all unanimously agreed that “Highschool of the Dead” is the show that Canadian TV needs most right now.

  3. This makes me so sad! But good luck in all your future projects!

  4. Sad to hear about Cybersix… it’s one of very few comics that I want in English. Badly. I am one of the 20 people that attended your panel, it was fantastic. I look forward to seeing a revised version of it with some video clips.

  5. Chrome Andy

    Another person started translating a while back, He’s about halfway through volume 2 since some chick started helping him. His early attempts are pretty sucky but he’s getting close to your original version in quality. is where he posts his stuff. He just released something the other day too.

  6. Hi there, I had just recently tried downloading your file but the zip is prompting for a password.

    Hope to hear from you!