Oh, hi Mark

Greetings and welcome to Sitting on an Atomic Bomb, an attempt to make the modern troubles of media and technology a little more accessible to the people it really affects. Which is basically everyone. Including you.

As you have no doubt noticed, the wonderfully innovative ways in which we embrace and interact with our beloved media often lead to frustration more often than they lead to joy. This is especially true if you live in a country like Canada, where constant advances in technology have a tendency to be wrongfully interpreted as threats to our archaic media system rather than an aide. At times it seems that in the face of online region restrictions, unprecedented consolidation of media companies, and oppressive copyright regimes from foreign countries, this entire system seems more liable to cannibalize itself than it is to evolve. To pillage a quote from one of the most revered cinematic works of our time, it makes me feel like I’m sitting on an atomic bomb, waiting for it to go off.

Hence the namesake of this website. Not only an expression of the constant futility that haunts anyone even semi-aware of all this chaos, but also a concise yet subtle infusion of both the best and worst cinematic works of all time. Is there really a way in which the seminal climactic scene from Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb in which Major “King” Kong hollers and waves his hat as he straddles an atomic bomb intersects with Steven’s (as opposed to Peter’s) all encompassing observation of the human condition near the end of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room?

Probably not, but perhaps that gap can be bridged.

This site exists to explore issues surrounding public policy, television, internet streaming, net neutrality, and animation (specifically anime) and the many delightful and terrifying ways in which they are connected. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

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  1. Hello since you’re not currently translating the entire Cybersix volumes can you link another post for this link http://libgen.org/ this website has all the Cybersix volumes in a pdf format. It has recently updated and the files are safe to use. However, I dont got the time to translate the comic.

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