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“The Spectacular Spider-Man” Five Years Later – Has Online Fandom Completely Changed?


Today marks the fifth anniversary of The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series’ television debut. If you know me through even the narrowest degree, you will understand that I am obsessed with this cartoon to a fault. I mean that quite literally: this passion stands as a serious flaw in my character. I have no doubt turned more people away from the show through my persistent and earnest promotion than I have won over. That said, I have no regrets about displaying the love I hold for this exceptional program, and I can’t help but think that its inability to amass the following it deserves reflects some interesting changes that fandom culture has gone through in the past few years.
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Cybersix is Done

As devastated as a number of you might be to hear this, I will not be continuing the English translation project for the Cybersix comic. It’s hardly a surprise after two years of complete silence on the subject, and it’s a tough announcement to make when the mere possibility of posting more chapters brings in more traffic to this blog than any legitimate interest in the things I actually talk about, but the others previously involved in the project have moved on, and I have to as well.

That is not to say I’ve been doing nothing all this time: not only have I actually gone through and redone all 83 previously translated pages with better quality scans and revised translations, I’ve managed to pound out one more chapter, bringing the translated total to 94 pages. (Just over half of the first volume.)  A link to download these “remastered” pages, along with scans of the entire French-language version of the series is available after the jump.

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A Quick Note On Cybersix

Cybersix vol. 2Now that the “” domain name is pointing directly to this site, it has come to my attention that a good amount of the old site’s traffic came from people looking for the scanlations of the Cybersix comic I had posted. Unfortunately, the files are not currently online. However a new group is currently working on an English translation of the series and will have them posted shortly. Please keep your eyes on this site for updates.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Abysmal Box Office Failure

Kim Pine

After a month of abuse and gross neglect in North American theatres, it has become clear beyond any doubt that the otherwise excellent Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has been a financial disappointment of considerable proportions. This jeopardizes not only the chances of ever seeing a Scott Pilgrim animated series, but also the future of mainstream films with incidental Canadian settings.

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Asterix Does McDonalds Ad on the Side; Enrages French

For those used to hearing about cultural protectionism from more than a few Francophone Canadians in Quebec, it may or may not surprise you that this attitude can be found in even more zealous portions in France.

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