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You’re A Pirate, Santa Claus!

In 2008, during the heat of the controversy surrounding the government’s impending bill to amend the Copyright Act, many struggled to find compelling and appealing ways to explain the issue to the masses. The new bill would protect digital locks from any type of circumvention, meaning Canadians would be trapped within the confines of proprietary use and would effectively lose any right to use footage or samples from existing works for any reason whatsoever.

Most were (and, to a degree, still are) completely indifferent in spite of how intrusive and wide spread its effects would really be. I decided that the best way to approach this was by hi-jacking the otherwise positive and nostalgic feelings that are shared by many for the Christmas holiday season and using them as a vehicle to demonstrate the type of despair that this issue warrants.

While that original bill did not pass, a similar bill is currently wading its way through the Parliamentary process that has most of the same dire problems. The original post with this story went down with the old “Zannen, Canada” site, so here it is again. Merry Christmas!

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Interview with ReBoot Co-creator Gavin Blair

Being the first ever computer animated television series, ReBoot is often reflected upon for its technical influence on modern television animation. Given how outrageously generic CGI methods have made modern cartoons, this is a somewhat flawed way of looking at things. Instead, ReBoot can still be marvelled at for its sophisticated writing, which has rarely been matched to this day.

Back at Anime Evolution 2009, I was fortunate enough to grab an interview with the co-creator of ReBoot and one of the masterminds behind what we once knew as Mainframe Entertainment: Gavin Blair. For those who missed it on the old site, here it is again.

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A Quick Note On Cybersix

Cybersix vol. 2Now that the “” domain name is pointing directly to this site, it has come to my attention that a good amount of the old site’s traffic came from people looking for the scanlations of the Cybersix comic I had posted. Unfortunately, the files are not currently online. However a new group is currently working on an English translation of the series and will have them posted shortly. Please keep your eyes on this site for updates.

Top Ten Bionix Memories

Bionix disclaimer

Tonight marks the sixth anniversary of the debut of YTV’s phenomenal late night animation block, Bionix. This week also marks the one year anniversary of the block’s unceremonious death. Although a product of fan demand, YTV went to great strides to make this block everything it could be before priorities changed at the station. Last year I wrote a short article summarizing what I felt to be the top ten most memorable moments. It will be taken down along with my old website, “Zannen, Canada,” but here it is again for the sake of preservation.

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The True Brilliance of Paranoia Agent and Why It’s All About the Bomb

Old Man from Paranoia Agent

I had intended to launch this website on Tuesday, but it was difficult with the tragic news of Satoshi Kon’s untimely death at the age of 46 lingering over my head.

Kon is best known for his flawless filmography of directorial work which includes Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika, and The Dream Machine which is currently unfinished. However, one of his most substantial works may in fact be his thirteen episode television series, Paranoia Agent. Despite being frequently dismissed as a collection of left-over ideas, a 2006 article published in the Nichi Bei Times summarizes and dissects the true relevance of the series in a fascinating way. The article has been offline for a few years, but I have taken the liberty of recovering and reposting it below.

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Is This the End of Harold Rosenbaum?

Harold Rosenbaum

In their Fall 2010 Programming Announcement, an excellent summary of which can be found courtesy of Primus over at I Miss Bionix, the much discussed Canadian youth television station YTV is finally delivering a full series from their 2005 pilot competition, Funpak. Worth noting is that Sidekick, which starts on 11 September, is not only heavily retooled from the version that was originally featured, it also isn’t the series that won the competition. That honour should have gone to The Manly Bee, which won the online polls.

Regardless, anyone who was following the program five years ago should certainly remember Harold Rosenbaum: Chartered Accountant Extreme, a remarkable and effectual send-up to the stilted, low-budget cartoons of the late 1960s. In the United States a series like this would’ve been green-lit and produced by Adult Swim in a heartbeat, but in the a country whose cultural productions are tangled in the litany of government subsidization, it was not as lucky.

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