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Status of this blog

As many of you have likely concluded at this point, I will no longer be updating Sitting on an Atomic Bomb moving forward. If you want to continue following my work, check out the Zannen, Canada podcast. I may start blogging there again at some point… or I may not. We’ll see! Please note that while I do not plan to take this blog down, the domain name will no longer work beginning August 2017. Moving forward, you can access this page through Please update any links or references accordingly. Thanks for following!

Help Determine the Future of Canadian TV, and I Actually Kind of Mean it This Time!

I am so sick of this logoThe CRTC recently launched a survey about the future of Canadian television (open until March 14), and by golly this one is sure to create a whole new media environment! Real change is going to happen with our national regulator this time, and now is your chance to blah blah blah blah, yeah I know. You’re sick of this, right? These same talking points that you’ve heard from me, and probably others, dozens of times? Far too many times. Don’t get me wrong, the fetishization of bureaucracy and regulation is a proud Canadian tradition, and one that I certainly hope we don’t lose anytime soon, but this stuff wears thin after a while. The new survey does raise some problems and solutions that I’ve been harping on about for a while, which I’m glad to see. What’s going to be more interesting to most of you is that it includes some questionable attempts to gather public support for regulating Netflix. If you still have faith in the system, by all means join me after the jump for some of my thoughts. If not… well, hang in there. I’ll be posting about cartoons again soon, I promise.

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Panel At Anime Revolution This Saturday

If you’re going to be attending Anime Revolution in Vancouver this Saturday, I will be hosting a panel! Come to the “History of Anime on Canadian TV” where I will do a lot of talking about Albator, counting the number of voice actors Goku has had, and exploiting the audience’s fond memories of Bionix for personal gain. It will be taking place in Panel Room #3 at noon on Saturday 18 August. It was added at the last minute, so you won’t find it in the program book. Be sure to tell anyone who might be interested!

The Hand That Writes The Naughty List

With voting on the SOPA legislation in the United States on the horizon in the coming year, it seems that the festive story I wrote a few years ago, You’re a Pirate, Santa Claus, is more relevant than ever. While not quite as topical (and certainly not as timely), I would like to present to you a prequel. Set at the end of the Cold War, I hope that it sheds some light on Santa’s backstory, building up to his ultimate decision to become one with the internet. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas! Continue reading