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Anti-UBB Rally Planned For Toronto This Friday, Parliament Hill Saturday

Word is finally spreading that the usage-based billing being implemented by Canadian internet providers this month is a really, really, really bad thing. In response, a Toronto rally is being organized for Friday 4 February 2011 followed by a Saturday rally outside Parliament Hill to communicate the dissatisfaction of pretty much all Canadian society. (Information is available after the jump for those who don’t use Facebook.) While it is likely to be an impressive demonstration, we must remember that all of this public demand may yield nothing more than a slightly less outrageous, but all-too-similar, compromise.

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Be Careful What You Wish For – “The Room” Video Game Becomes a Reality

Let's go eat, haugh

The idea of a video game based off of The Room was so fantastic that it apparently materialized into existence just this weekThe Room Tribute was designed by none other that Tom Fulp, the lead programmer for Castle Crashers and founder of Newgrounds. It indeed surpasses all expectations and proves a triumph of fair use. You can do anything you want, like play football.

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Tommy Wiseau: “‘The Room’ Will Be a Video Game and Children’s Cartoon”

Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau, the unparallelled visionary who brought us The Room, has frequently expressed a desire to see his work adapted into new media. In addition to a Broadway play, Wiseau now hopes to see The Room re-imagined in the form of a video game and cartoon targeted at viewers aged 6-11.

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