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Cartoon Network Canada Is Coming, And People Still Care

The confirmation that Teletoon and Turner Broadcasting will be launching a new Canadian version of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim before the end of 2012 may seem to be too little too late for those who had desired the channel in its prime years, but tell that to the countless internet denizens ruminating about its launch. Even websites that have been on unexplained, extended hiatuses for months are getting in on the action.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Day Not Enough to Warm Hearts of Canadian Networks

One hundred years ago today, Edward and Alphonse Elric made their shocking departure from Resembool, burning their childhood home to ashes behind them. Sadly, it appears that Canadian television networks were uninterested in observing the event, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood remains absent from airwaves despite the success of the previous series.

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CBSC: Superjail! Maybe, Probably Should Have Been Rated 18+

The WardenLast year, G4TechTV Canada made the delightful inclusion of Adult Swim’s hypnotically violent series, Superjail!, to their line-up. Despite the fact that the series may very well be the most excessively violent animated program to ever run on North American commercial television, G4 mistakenly ran the entire series with a “PG” rating.

Just for kicks, blogger doconnor decided to submit a complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council using their online form. Last month he showed us the results.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The Abysmal Box Office Failure

Kim Pine

After a month of abuse and gross neglect in North American theatres, it has become clear beyond any doubt that the otherwise excellent Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has been a financial disappointment of considerable proportions. This jeopardizes not only the chances of ever seeing a Scott Pilgrim animated series, but also the future of mainstream films with incidental Canadian settings.

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