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Netflix May Offer A Novel New Approach To CanCon: Willing Exhibition

NetFlixCrossposted from OpenMedia.ca:

While there has been considerable apprehension over Shaw’s demand for online streaming services to be regulated by the CRTC, Netflix is already two steps ahead in maintaining their competitive edge. The service has been accused of having an unfair advantage over conventional broadcasters thanks to the CRTC’s long-standing policy of not regulating Internet content. Rather than fight these accusations, Netflix has simply opted to do something that our conventional broadcasters would likely never do in an unregulated environment: willingly add a significant amount of Canadian content to their line-up.

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Canadian Version Of Jersey Shore A Tragic Reality (EDIT: Sort Of)

UPDATE: Further research has indicated that I have made a critical error. CTV is not directly involved with Lake Shore, they were merely involved with interviewing the producers. A broadcaster has yet to step forward and provide full funding for the series, and as such the following rant is based largely around a hypothetical bogeyman.

Here is a wake-up call for those short-sighted enough to think that Sun TV News symbolized the modern devastation of Canadian television. A recently released “sizzle reel” has revealed that CTV’s long-rumoured knock-off of MTV’s obscenely over-exposed reality series, Jersey Shore, is not a joke.

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CanCon hip-hop sensation K’Naan’s highly publicized appearance at Simon Fraser University’s Peace Day celebration left many ticket buyers in regret when CanCon hip-hop sensation K’Naan failed to appear.

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Top Ten Bionix Memories

Bionix disclaimer

Tonight marks the sixth anniversary of the debut of YTV’s phenomenal late night animation block, Bionix. This week also marks the one year anniversary of the block’s unceremonious death. Although a product of fan demand, YTV went to great strides to make this block everything it could be before priorities changed at the station. Last year I wrote a short article summarizing what I felt to be the top ten most memorable moments. It will be taken down along with my old website, “Zannen, Canada,” but here it is again for the sake of preservation.

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