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Cartoon Network Canada Is Coming, And People Still Care

The confirmation that Teletoon and Turner Broadcasting will be launching a new Canadian version of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim before the end of 2012 may seem to be too little too late for those who had desired the channel in its prime years, but tell that to the countless internet denizens ruminating about its launch. Even websites that have been on unexplained, extended hiatuses for months are getting in on the action.

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Young Justice Premiere Garners Unanimous Acclaim

The long awaited premiere of the latest animated series based on the DC Comics universe, Young Justice, has been met with abnormally high approval after the early debut of the series’ one hour pilot. The show has not only been praised for its exceptionally high animation quality and accessibility for non-super hero fans, but has also delivered extraordinary ratings for Cartoon Network in the United States.

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