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Is This the End of Harold Rosenbaum?

Harold Rosenbaum

In their Fall 2010 Programming Announcement, an excellent summary of which can be found courtesy of Primus over at I Miss Bionix, the much discussed Canadian youth television station YTV is finally delivering a full series from their 2005 pilot competition, Funpak. Worth noting is that Sidekick, which starts on 11 September, is not only heavily retooled from the version that was originally featured, it also isn’t the series that won the competition. That honour should have gone to The Manly Bee, which won the online polls.

Regardless, anyone who was following the program five years ago should certainly remember Harold Rosenbaum: Chartered Accountant Extreme, a remarkable and effectual send-up to the stilted, low-budget cartoons of the late 1960s. In the United States a series like this would’ve been green-lit and produced by Adult Swim in a heartbeat, but in the a country whose cultural productions are tangled in the litany of government subsidization, it was not as lucky.

At the very least, we can still enjoy the existing twenty-five minutes of content. All five parts of the pilot are embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading