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Tommy Wiseau Inspires New Nightmares In “The House That Drips Blood On Alex”

Ghoulish film visionary Tommy Wiseau has once again found himself on the public radar with his performance in the recently released short film, The House That Drips Blood On Alex. It can be watched in its entirety here. This, along with some surprising announcements in an interview conducted by Little White Lies, shows that Wiseau is far from a cinematic has-been despite a considerable length of inactivity.

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Tommy Wiseau: “‘The Room’ Will Be a Video Game and Children’s Cartoon”

Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau, the unparallelled visionary who brought us The Room, has frequently expressed a desire to see his work adapted into new media. In addition to a Broadway play, Wiseau now hopes to see The Room re-imagined in the form of a video game and cartoon targeted at viewers aged 6-11.

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